Preliminary Program 2023


Preliminary Flyer
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Thursday, September 21st 2023


08.30   Registration, Coffee




09.00   Opening

Prof. Riemer H.J.A. Slart, MD PhD, Nuclear Medicine Physician

Prof. Jan Hein Cornel, MD PhD, Cardiologist

09.05   Recap of basic cardiac anatomy and physiology

Prof. Jan Hein Cornel, MD PhD, Cardiologist


09.15   Procedure protocols, stress agents; when (not) to choose which? Coping with complications during stress tests. ECG reading: identifying ischemia and arrhythmia

        [speaker to be confirmed]


09.35   Cardiac PET reading & reporting

          Remco J.J. Knol, MD PhD, Nuclear Medicine Physician


09.55   Patient selection for cardiac PET. Diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value of cardiac PET 

Ibrahim Danad, MD, PhD, Cardiologist


10.20   Coffee break


10.45   Cardiac PET imaging procedure. Myocardial blood flow and choice of cardiac PET tracers

Sergiy V. Lazarenko, PhD, Medical Physicist


11.15  Artificial intelligence in cardiac PET

            [speaker to be confirmed]


11.40   FDG PET in cardiac viability and sarcoidosis

[speaker to be confirmed]


12.05   Cardiac FDG PET (endocarditis)

[speaker to be confirmed]



12.30   Lunch


13:15  Site visit (department of Nuclear Medicine, 0030)

Hands-on training


13.45 - 16.30  Processing of scans in Corridor 4DM, QPET, Syngo.MBF


  • Buttonology and image processing

  • Buttonology CaSc
  • Cases: Normal, ischemia, infarction

  • Cases: Myocardial blood flow measurements


15.00   Stent Side Branch Occlusion

[speaker to be confirmed]


15.30  Coronary artery calcium scoring from low dose CT scans - how to proceed?

          [speaker to be confirmed]



16:45   Site visit (Cyclotron)

               Ronald G. Pronk, MSc

           Cardiac PET tracer production

               Marja D.L. ter Borg, Radiopharmacist/ Qualified Person


17:45   Alkmaar Canal Boat Tour

                   Departure from Lindegracht nearby old Café Het Gulden Vlies


18:30   Dinner in the Alkmaar city center


Friday, September 22nd 2023


08.30   Coffee




09.00   Artifacts and limitations in cardiac PET

Sergiy V. Lazarenko, PhD, Medical Physicist



09.25   Correlation with other imaging techniques: CCTA, cardiac MR, CAG, FFR

[speaker to be confirmed]



09.50   FFR, CFR and ischemia: all the same?

[speaker to be confirmed]



10.15   Extracardiac findings

            Friso M. van der Zant, MD PhD, Nuclear Medicine Physician



10.30   Coffee break


11.00   Physics and PET acquisitionKinetic modeling and quantitative PET in cardiology

              [speaker to be confirmed]


11.45   AURORA Trial (18F-Flurpiridaz): Current status

            [speaker to be confirmed]


12.05   Cardiac PET facilities and tracer production. Preparing a business case for cardiac PET/CT

            [speaker to be confirmed]


12.30   Lunch


Hands-on training


13.30 - 16.30 Processing of scans in Corridor 4DM, QPET, Syngo.MBF


  • Cases: Various
  • Cases: Pitfalls & Artifacts
  • Cases: Extracardiac findings
  • Demo stations for cardiac PET processing


14.15 Data Driven Motion Correction for PET cardiac perfusion scans

          [speaker to be confirmed]


15.15  Features and new developments in PET techniques and cardiac PET processing software 

            Sergiy V. Lazarenko, PhD, Medical Physicist


16.30   Farewell drink

Program may be subject to change. In case of international attendees, the spoken language of the entire course will be English, otherwise Dutch. Click here for more information on registration, important dates and locations.